TOM WILSON handles all of the design and building for Wilmore Guitars. Since age twelve he has been modifying, customizing and making his own instruments and gear. When he discovered that one of his early guitars purchased at a garage sale was made of plywood, his mission became clear- make a better one. For over fifteen years Tom has worked building custom cars and as a master carpenter, all the while spending countless nights building and improving his instruments and gear. Tom has also played guitar in many local and national bands and has recorded multiple albums as an artist and producer. EMAIL

  RYAN DENNEE handles the business-end of Wilmore Guitars and tries to force his opinions on Tom every chance he gets. Ryan spent over a decade as lead guitar player for international recording artists Stavesacre. While with Stavesacre, he recorded seven studio albums and played countless shows all over the globe. This experience not only gave him the expertise of what a guitar should be, but also put him in constant contact with other musicians who play guitar on a professional level. EMAIL


  RANDY BARANOSKY assists Tom in the shop building guitars, and assists Ryan in trying to force his opinion on Tom. Randy picked the "sales" job out of the hat on Wilmore's "job divvy" night, so he does that too. Randy's main instrument is drums, which he has been trying to get good at for the last 15 years. He has played drums in countless bands, on countless recordings, and in a countless number of the United States. He also played drums in the band Unashamed, once. He has played guitar in his own band for the last 9 years, and doesn't plan on stopping. Also, over the last few months he has been getting the feeling that he isn't as funny as he thinks he is. EMAIL