Check this out!

OC Weekly was kind enough to come by the shop and pick our brains about the 'Reclaimed Series'. Give it a read and tell us what you think.


Reclaimed Series

Our Reclaimed guitar series is in full effect. Check back often for updates and availability.


New prototype 2nd St. 

This new semi hollow prototype 2nd St. will be at the in store this Friday. Come check it out!


Andy Zipf in-store @ DotS Guitar Store

We're super exited to announce a last minute in-store by Andy Zipf to kick off our new relation ship with retailer, Dawn of the Shred Guitars in Long Beach. 

DotS is a fantastic boutique shop specializing in hand-made guitars, pedals, accessories and vintage gear. Come celebrate our good fortune at finding the perfect shop to stock our stuff and get a glimpse of what's up for the future of Wilmore Guitars.

Also, don't miss Andy's show at The Hotel Cafe, Wed., June 6. He'll be performing with a full band. Don't miss out.

Click here for the In-Store Deatails.


Blood burst 2nd St.

Getting a few guitars wrapped up to bring over to Dots Effects Guitar Shop in Long Beach. Check them out @