WILMORE GUITARS was born out of a desire to build the guitars that we wanted to play. Our guitars are designed and built for function over form. While we understand that everyone (ourselves included) plays a guitar because it looks cool, for us sound and playability are the foundation of our design and build process. Our guitars are handmade, in house, using the best materials and hardware available.  We’re convinced that the combination of top-notch materials and quality craftsmanship results in the best guitar available on the market today.

As guitar players, we were always tweaking and modifying our stock guitars to get them to look, play, and sound the way we wanted them to. If this sounds like your situation, let Wilmore Guitars do the work for you. We also know (from experience) that not all guitar players have a down-payment-for-a-house sitting around to drop on a custom guitar.  That is why we will work with you, through every step of the process, to build you the guitar you want at a price you can afford. Interested in your own custom Wilmore Guitar? Contact us here.